Public Sites
AirQuality - Public Weblink
CoastalManagement - Public WebLink
EnergyMineralLandResources - Public WebLink
WasteManagement - Public WebLink
WaterInfrastructure - Public WebLink
WaterResources - Public WebLink
StormWater - Public WebLink
GroundWater - Public WebLink

Auth sites
Forms (including Forms Portal)
SampleCollectors - Authenticated WebLink
WebLink - Authenticated Weblink access to all repositories
WebClient for AirQuality
WebClient for CoastalManagement
WebClient for EnergyMineralLandResources
WebClient for PublicInformationOffice
WebClient for WasteManagement
WebClient for WaterInfrastructure
WebClient for WaterResources

Public Sites
Test-AirQuality - Public Weblink
Test-EnergyMineralLandResources - Public WebLink
Test-WasteManagement - Public WebLink
Test-WaterInfrastructure - Public WebLink
Test-WaterResources - Public WebLink

Auth sites
WebLink - Authenticated Weblink access to all TEST repositories
WebClient for Test-AirQuality
WebClient for Test-EnergyMineralLandResources
WebClient for Test-WasteManagement
WebClient for Test-WaterInfrastructure
WebClient for Test-WaterResources

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